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Featured Family Pet of the Week:

Featured Family Pet of the Week:

Meet Gus and Leo! Their proud family is Jim, Mandy, Julianna, and Charlie Gowen.

The Gowen family has two French Bulldogs (aka Frenchies), Gus and Leo. Gus is 4 years old and Leo is around 7 years old. Leo was adopted with the help of Dr. Blair from the French Bulldog Rescue Network a few years ago after he had a lifesaving back surgery to repair a herniated disc.

Gus is a sweetheart but tends to bark at men until he warms up to them. Leo is a lover. He is always so kind and gentle (think Eeyore, but in dog form). Both have their playful moments but are usually super lazy. They prefer to be inside with their family and are often called couch potatoes.

About the Breed: French Bulldogs are a small, durable breed that are intelligent, good with children, easy going and require little grooming. They do need to be inside dogs because they can get overheated easily. Frenchies are brachycephalic, which means smushed face, so they snort and snore a good bit (Gus and Leo are no exception). Their life expectancy is around 10-12 years, but as the Gowen’s say “our love for the breed outweighs the con of their short life span.”

Tallulah’s Tips:

The importance of Identification tags and microchipping:

Our pets are family and when they are lost, it breaks our heart. It is important to have some form of identification on your pet’s collars so that a Good Samaritan can bring your pet home. Include your pets name, your name and phone number (cell phone numbers are best). A microchip is a great second form of identification. When you are registering your microchip, I recommend putting down a couple of numbers plus one emergency number of a friend or family member that is out of town. Microchips are relatively inexpensive, and if your pet is lost then a veterinarian or animal control personnel can scan for a chip. The chip number can then be looked up in a database, and your name and number will be given to them.

Southern Paws Veterinary Clinic (opening soon!) Dr. Tara Blair (912) 496-0040 1567 Third St. Folkston, GA

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